Independence, Dignity, Trust and Respect

We care about all the things you care about …

Here at Stay Independent we offer friendly and professional high quality care in the Nottinghamshire area.
We understand the importance of being in control of your own life and care, so we design our services to support your personal choices at every stage.

Some people reach a stage in their life where a little extra help would be useful. This does not necessarily mean that they are in the latter years of life. It might be through an accident, have a disability or mobility problem that prevents, what once was a simple task, now becoming more difficult.

We are here to help with those now difficult tasks. We can remove the stress and worry and help you maintain your own independence and retain your dignity and self respect. We will ensure all users have the highest care possible.

Our teams of dedicated, compassionate and friendly careworkers are committed to providing support with dignity and respect. We’re passionate about understanding your needs and requirements, and ensuring that we support you in just the way you need.

To find out more about how Stay Independent can support you with home care assistance in your home, please contact us.

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