Government spending on dementia research will be doubled by 2025

Prime Minister announces government will double dementia research funding by 2025

Leading nations have committed to developing a cure or treatment for dementia by 2025 at the G8 dementia summit.

Health ministers meeting in London said it was a “big ambition” and that they would significantly increase funding for research to meet that goal.

The UK has already said it aims to double its annual research funding to £132m by 2025.

The global number of dementia sufferers is expected to treble to 135m by 2050.

The G8 said it would “develop a co-ordinated international research action plan” to target the gaps in research and ways to address them.

Dementia is heading towards being the biggest health and care problem of a generation so you’d think it would have the funding to match. Yet it really is the poor relation of other diseases.

In the UK, about £590m is spent on cancer research with £267 coming from government. At the moment £52m of government money goes to dementia research.

It’s a pattern reflected around the world.

Part of the problem is that until recently dementia was considered a “normal part of ageing” whereas cancer has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt.

It means dementia research is starting from a low base.

The UK is aiming to double its spend, but this will still leave dementia significantly behind.

The Alzheimer’s Society says it expects more.

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