About Us

I Qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1989. I spent several years working in Germany and Canada then came back to England and worked in nursing homes.

In 1994 I decided to further my career and became a midwife, moving to Saudi Arabia after I did my training. When I returned I realized it was the nursing side I missed so I joined a local, family run nursing home. I also did community nursing and worked at a local health centre as an agency nurse.

In my spare time I have always done a lot of sport and became increasingly interested in holistic medicine, doing first my aromatherapy and then my sports massage exams. I started my own business as a massage therapist, which was successful for twelve years. I spent a couple of years working at local gyms and had a core of regular clients that I did home visits for.

Another interest of mine is swimming and I’m a qualified life guard.  I also have a horse and do endurance riding.

A chance meeting with a community care provider led to my present career. This provider was looking for carers to work for her in a business which was already well established. I did my first visit 10 years ago, to give support to a gentleman with alzheimers, and I haven’t looked back since.

Giving someone care so that they can stay in their own home is one of the most rewarding jobs I have done. Nursing focuses on the medical needs of a client but people need social support as well, particularly if they are infirm or have dementia. Community care enables people to stay in their home environment by helping them with every day tasks such as shopping and preparing meals.

Visits and days out also reduce the feeling of isolation that people can feel when they are on their own. I also believe in getting elderly people involved with sports so that they remain fit and active for as long as possible. When I worked in nursing homes new residents would always bemoan the fact that they had lost their home and the effect it had on them was sad to witness. My aim is to help people to stay independent so that they can stay in their own environment for as long as possible, because ultimately that is where they want to be.